Who is “I Got Smart” Education Seminars?

As the result of the public’s response to a segment of a Seattle based television show called “Home Lifestyles”, the show’s hosts Sam and Renee DiBello founded a non-profit known as “Washington Housing Education (WHE)” which later became a National Heritage Foundation nonprofit 501 (c)(3), 509 (a)(1) in 2005.
We relinquished our non-profit status when we began teaching for the Washington State Housing Finance Commission, which is a non-profit organization and renamed ourselves “IGotSmart.com”.

Our reputation

Over 18,000 Seattle area residents have attended our educational seminars. Our reputation is untarnished. We would like to keep it that way. Help us to stay true to our mission by providing honest feedback and suggestions.

Am I going to get stuck getting a sales pitch?

No! Leave your wallet at home. This is a safe environment for our attendees. There is no soliciting allowed.

How do I know I've been accepted for a certain class?

You must receive a confirmation email from us before attending any class. It is important that you provide an accurate email address when registering. Unless the class is full, your confirmation will be emailed to you immediately after enrolling.

Can I bring a relative or friend?

Yes, providing you have notified the seminar coordinator when you filled out the registration form.

What do we do about lunch?

We strongly recommend that you bring a sack lunch if you are attending the 5 hour class. Lunch breaks are usually no longer than 20 to 30 minutes. While some locations do have local restaurants and fast food places, many do not.

Are you going to sell my personal information?

Absolutely not! Read our privacy policy.

How Do I Sign Up?

Where are classes held?

I Got Smart classes are held in many different locations including public facilities such as libraries, community centers, and fire stations. In all cases, room temperatures and comfort levels vary per location. You may feel that is it is a little too warm or a little too chilly, so please come prepared.

What is your cancellation policy?

Unfortunately, for some people, when something is FREE, it has absolutely no value. As a result, there have been some registrants who have abused the enrollment system by canceling and rescheduling a number of times. Some registrants simply don’t show up. This causes unnecessary preparation for the instructors and leaves a vacant seat that could have been occupied by someone else. As a result, I Got Smart has instituted a policy that will not allow for the rescheduling of a class if the student fails to notify us at least 1 day prior to the class. If you can’t make it, please give the seminar coordinator the courtesy of a phone call at 877-IGotSmart or e-mail them at seminarcoordinator@IGotSmart.com. Thank you.

What if a class is rescheduled?

Occasionally there are circumstances that will cause a seminar to be rescheduled. Illness, weather, power outages and other unexpected emergencies can occur and cause a seminar to be canceled. When this happens, we us the “contact information” that you provided when you registered, to notify you of the cancellation. If you have provided inaccurate information when you registered, you could find yourself arriving at an empty classroom. Please check your registration contact information for accuracy.

How Do We Make Money?

We don’t. We don’t sell books, CD’s or anything like that. If you admire the instructors, hire them! That’s as close to making money as we get! Our mission is to educate the general public about the advantages and pitfalls of dealing in matters centering on buying a home in the Puget Sound area. By utilizing the best local industry professionals who are willing to donate their time, talents and materials, we are able to keep costs to zero.