Most Recent Endorsements


"Awesome to have step by step instructions."
"The time was worth all the knowledge I gained."
"I feel comfortable with the idea of buying our first home and not so lost."
"Very glad I went. Learned way more than I was expecting."
Tekela Montgomery
Attendee, Fremont Library Seminar 4/11/15
This class is engaging, informative, and candid; cannot recommend enough.
Ria Remila & Mark Skiles, Fremont Library Seminar 4/11/15
I felt like I just saved $10,000 a year already!
Ria Remila & Mark Skiles, Fremont Library Seminar 4/11/15
Gain insider professional knowledge from a trusted person that's been in the biz.
Kevin McCann, Greenwood Library Seminar
"Great class! The two speakers were wonderful! Funny and engaging!"
Jayna Otonicar, Greenwood Library Seminar
"I actually teared up in class because I learned that we may already be able to buy a home. I learned so much!"
Gretchen Block, Greenwood Library Seminar
"Super awesome - I learned a ton!"
Hunter Bloch, Ballard Library Seminar
"Great class!"
(no name), Bellevue Library Seminar
"I feel informed and overwhelmed."
Amber Rowe, Greenwood Library Seminar
"It was so much more positive than I expected. Instead of being scared, I feel excited to start the home buying process."
Justin Warner
"Not only has this seminar eased our thoughts, but has given us confidence for the future."
Jedidiah Esposito
"Very informative and not as salesy as I expected."
Nanda Wilson
"A very informative session and makes home-buying less scary."
Joseph Burwell
"Something everyone should attend."