About Us

Founded in 1997

As the result of the public’s response to a segment of a Seattle based television show called “Home Lifestyles”, the show’s hosts, Sam and Renee DiBello, founded a non-profit known as “Washington Housing Education (WHE)” which later became a National Heritage Foundation nonprofit 501 (c)(3), 509 (a)(1) in 2005. Today they are known as “I Got Smart.com” and the curriculum includes educational seminars sponsored by the Washington State Housing Finance Commission.

Over 18,000 Seattle area residents have attended their educational seminars. Their reputation is untarnished. They would like to keep it that way. Help them to stay true to their mission by providing honest feedback and suggestions.

“Our mission is to educate the general public about the advantages and pitfalls centered on the acquisition of real estate. By utilizing exceptional industry professionals who are willing to donate their time, talents and materials, we are able to keep costs minimal or free while helping Puget Sound residents achieve the “American Dream” of owning real estate”.

No one is paid to teach these seminars or workshops.  Each instructor donates his or her time and class materials without compensation for doing so. The instructor volunteers and the companies they represent are the heart and soul of IGotSmart Educational Seminars and as a testament to the high quality content of these seminars, thousands of past attendees give their personally written recommendations on this site.